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Stephen Hargash is proud to announce the launching of an exciting new community-driven project:
"Be Part of History", The Frankenmuth Mural Project.

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The first being a piece depicting Satow's Drug Store, a community meeting place ( the soda fountain prior to the 1995 renovation). This mural will be the first of several to be added to the town’s art collection through this project. The vision for the mural series is of various Frankenmuth sites as backdrops for phantasmagorical scenes grounded in the historical realities of the town, incorporating both historical figures and present-day characters of the community together on one canvas. Within this project’s qualifications, it is important to note that the pieces painted are for the community, and none of these pieces are being commissioned by any particular business. The places and themes are chosen by the artist for their role in historic Frankenmuth, along with the strong sense of community that they reflect. The paintings are funded through the artists efforts, the support of the community, and his beloved patrons. They are owned by the community, are moveable if necessary, and are meant to be a permanent part of the Frankenmuth art collection. It is the artist’s goal to make this an annual project with new sites and themes each year depicting as many community members as is possible.

Stephen Hargash is giving you the opportunity to have a chance to be depicted in this new paintings. He has selected three prints of his recently completed original works of art to be used to help fund this project. Each print is signed and numbered and are available online, and within the town of Frankenmuth, MI; at Satow's Drug Store, Wickson Memorial Library, Kringle's, the Lager Mill, and the Frankenmuth Historical Museum.

For every $25.00 donated toward the project an individual can choose one of the three prints available, and will be entered once into a drawing to be depicted in this mural. With a donation of $60 you will receive all three prints and as a special thank you, you will be entered five times into the drawing.

If your entry is chosen you or anyone of your choosing will be used as a character in this upcoming mural. You will be contacted by the artist and a photo shoot will be scheduled. The artist will photograph you in the pose needed for the mural, if this is not possible than an existing photograph may be used.

There are also a very limited number of "Open Ticket" spots available...for a $500 donation to help support the project you or anyone of your choosing will automatically be featured in this new artwork by Stephen Hargash. (for more details please contact the artist) You can also choose to simply donate and support the project...the artist will send you a special thank you as well as keep you informed on the projects progress.

You will get a invitation from the artist for a special event set to take place on Saturday May 30th at the Fischer Hall in Frankenmuth, MI. It is at this event that the names of those to be included in the mural will be drawn, (You do not haveto be present at the drawing to be selected). This event will be a celebration of the arts including new work by artist Stephen Hargash, along with other local artists. There will be food and drink from our fine local establishments, musical performances by local musicians, including a special after hours performance that you won't want to miss. This event will also be an evening of celebrating the arts. It will be a night of social gathering, bringing the community together to celebrate our history, the arts, and the here and now.

The unveiling of the completed painting is scheduled for the fall of 2015...date to be announced.

Your support is appreciated and heart felt...together we can make great things happen.

Thank You For Your Support

“We all have our own place or duty in this life, mine is that of an artist. I observe and document life, and I give homage to the people and places of the past, as well as the here and now. It is, in fact, the here and now that becomes our past and our history.”

With each print you will be entered into a drawing to be featured in this mural project. Any three prints, whether all the same, or the set of three you will be entered 5 times into the drawing. (If you select 6 prints, you will be entered 10 times into the drawing, etc.)

Tulip Passion for the Land Tulip Royal Tulip Tulip Field of Perfect Love
Tulips All Three openticket
All Three Prints